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You are faced with one of the biggest decisions in your life.  No One should hesitate in their decision for an UNBIASED, FACT FILLED HOME INSPECTION!

If you’re primary concern IS for the Safety of your FAMILY then your best insurance for the BIGGEST investment in your life is requesting a home inspection by ADVANCED HOME INSPECTIONS.

Our inspector network is expanding across New York State. 

You will NEVER pay for travel fees!

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Additional Services: 

Order 3 services to get the 3rd service for Half Price(applies to lowest cost item)

Radon Testing                                               

Infra Red Scan

           Insulation/Energy Loss Scans

           Moisture Intrusion Scans                                

Home Energy Audit

          Energy Survey

          Diagnostic Audit (includes Blower Door Test, Infra Red Report and Improvement Details

Mold/Air Sampling (incl. min. 3 samples)    

Environmental Hazards Report 

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection                          


“Advanced Home Inspections” GOLD PACKAGE 

Includes Home Inspection, Radon Test, Environmental Hazards Report and Infrared Scan



All this PLUS


90-Day Warranty



FULL MAINTENANCE inspections (limit 1 per year)



Home inspection appointments are usually scheduled 9:15am/1:15pm/5:00 pm (May-October).   Non-home inspection appointments can be scheduled anytime.   These scheduled times are for Monday thru Friday.  Saturday appointments are typically 9:15am/1:30pm.  Our office is closed on Sundays.


Additional fees apply to multi-family properties-please call for quote.   If any additional fees apply, client will be notified with appointment confirmation via email or by phone.  Fees will be adjusted if property square footage is different from original price quote.   Only one discount allowed per client per packaged services unless otherwise discussed.   All pre-paid inspections are non-refundable but are usable and/or transferable for a period of one year from date of purchase.  


We are proud to be one of the longer tenured inspection companies in the area for good reason.  Clients have come to trust our ability to makes the most difficult of conditions easy to comprehend as well as our level of expertise that eliminates the "money pit" syndrome for many home buyers that use a less experienced home inspection company.  Realtors respect our integrity to never waver from the conditions at hand and to give each and every home inspected a true evaluation of what exists.

As many in our industry are closing their doors, Advanced Home Inspections is growing.  In addition to radon testing, our services have expanded to include indoor air quality and mold testing, environmental reporting and energy efficiency evaluation. 

Today's home buyer is under considerable financial restrictions in their pursuit of a home so as a result we've LOWERED our prices to accommodate the need for a more affordable home inspection.  Our prices have been adjusted to answer this significant need.  We believe that no buyer should consider forgoing a home inspection or utilizing a lesser qualified inspector because of one’s inability to afford this important part of any home purchase.  All our clients will continue to get that same attention to detail that has been our trademark. 

We have also been fortunate to expand our inspection team with a number of above qualified team members to better able to accommodate our growing client base, which stretches throughout all of Western New York.   Now is the time for you to utilize one of the most trusted inspection companies in New York. 


All homes have strong and weak points and they're not always what they seem.  Gain the perspective and sound information you need with an analysis done by Advanced Home Inspections.  Our licensed inspectors provide you valuable information with back grounds ranging from NY State Home Inspection instructors to work as seasoned contractors.  This insight allows us to identify significant deficiencies as well the many positive characteristics found in any home.  All this while also providing reasonable solutions where possible in assessing your future projects.

We give an unbiased inspection to prospective buyers or sellers of new existing homes, condominiums, mobile homes, and multi-family units.  A complete report is given covering all aspects of the condition of the residence from foundation to roof, including mechanical systems such as heating, plumbing and electrical.  Only those items that are visible and accessible by normal means are included in the report.

What is a home inspection
A Home Inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a building at the time of the review.  If you are thinking of buying a home, condominium, mobile home, or a multi-family unit, it is imperative that you have it thoroughly inspected before the final purchase by an experienced and impartial home inspector.  We do not make repairs on any defects, nor do we have any financial interest in the house we inspect.

Why do I need an inspection
The purchase of a home is one of the largest single investments you will make.  You should know exactly what to expect in terms of needed and future repairs and maintenance.  We can interpret hidden clues and present to you a professional opinion as to the condition of the property so you can avoid unpleasant surprises afterward.  An inspection will also point out the positive aspects of the building, as well as the type of maintenance required to keep it in good shape.  After the inspection you will have a much clearer understanding of the property you are about to purchase and be able to make your decision confidently.  As a seller, an inspection can identify potential problems in the sale of your building and can recommend preventative measures that might avoid future expensive repairs.

When do I request an inspection
The best time to consult us is right after you've made an offer on your new building.  The real estate contract usually allows for a grace period to inspect the building.  Ask your professional agent to include this inspection clause in the contract, making your purchase obligation contingent upon the findings of a professional inspection.

Are there any limitations
Yes, these are a few:
       1) Areas not easily accessible cannot be inspected
       2) Only items within the scope of the inspection are examined
       3) Inspections causing damage will not be done


How long does it take
The actual inspection takes approximately 2 1/2 hours.  Your inspection report is provided either on site or via e-mail  We believe that you are entitled to the best information possible and we are dedicated to providing you this information so you can make an educated decision.

How accessible is the home inspector of our home
Free phone consultations are available after the inspection.  Your concerns about home improvement projects and repairs can be addressed in confidence with your inspector.  You best interest is the first priority.

Can a home fail an inspection
No.  A professional inspection is simply an examination regarding the current condition of your prospective real estate purchase.  It is not an appraisal or a Municipal Code inspection.  An inspector, therefore, will not pass or fail a building, but will simply describe its condition and indicate which items will be in need of minor or major repairs or replacement.

What if the report reveals problems
If the report indicates any problems, it does not necessarily mean you shouldn't buy a home.  It only means that you will know in advanced what type of repairs to anticipate.

If the property looks ok, do I really need an inspection
Definitely!  With a comprehensive report in your hands you can complete your purchase confidently knowing the condition of the property and its equipment and systems.  We consider our inspections and educational experience, so whether or not it’s your first home you will still walk away with a better knowledge of how a home functions.

Should I attend the inspection
We recommend and prefer you to be present for the inspection.  By following the inspector through the inspection, observing and asking questions, you will learn about the home and get some tips on general maintenance information that will be of great help to you long after you've moved into your home.

Should I get a radon examination
A radon test is usually required with any relocation and many home inspections.  In addition, EPA guidelines suggests that a radon test be done every 2 years to an existing property.  The best method of testing is by continuous monitoring.  As a licensed Radalink Radon Inspector, we utilize one of the most sophisticated testing devices available and provide results the same day.

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